II. Introducing: Queer Joy

Introducing our new season: Queer Joy!
Queer Joy is a collection of episodes sharing the experiences, work and stories of six exceptional queer creatives through discussion, music, poetry and more.

Trailer edit and host: Arden Fitzroy (they/them) @ArdenFitzroy, Lead Producer and Guest Editor
Music: Pembroke
Twitter: @RiseAmplify
Instagram: @therisecollectiveuk
Website: www.therisecollective.org.uk


Arden: Good news, folks! We have the celebration of queer identity you’ve been waiting for!

Pip: One, two, three, gonna hit that clap!

[Music by Pembroke kicks in: a jazzy number]

Arden: Welcome to Queer Joy, the new series of the RISE Collective’s AMPLIFY podcast.

Maia: Most representation is so focused on the difficulties of navigating identity and relationships and we really want to offer something a bit different, with a bit of joy.

Niamh: Yeah, I mean I think we're a bit tired of talking about the hardships, queer love is something that deserves to be celebrated and holding on to that joy is so important, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Pete: Feel yourself, love thyself. Hopefully we’ll see the representation we need to see in the world. Wink.

Arden: Join us to explore the queer experience through discussion, poetry, music, and more!

Destiny: Art is necessary—to question, teach, disrupt, and reflect.

Pip: If you’re close to something and you love it, you need to know how to criticise it. Demand change with love!

Arden: This series was created by the next generation of creative leaders and changemakers.

Pete: Trans people deserve sex positivity. It’s really hard sometimes to feel like you can engage with generally sex positivity when all of the people leading those conversations don’t look like you, or live like you.

Destiny: I think I would say the biggest help has been finding people who believe in a better world, and encourage you to imagine it.

Arden: These are our own stories, on our own terms.

Kenya: By the trans—

Pete: For the trans, all trans, all good, all go!

Arden: Search ‘Amplify RISE Collective on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. I’ve been Arden Fitzroy—I’ll tell you more next time…

Kenya: Byeeeee!

[Music and ‘byes’ fade out]

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